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The Training Resources Workgroup of the National LTAP Association have developed these Tailgate Safety Briefing Packages for you to use in support of your local agencies.  While these are developed as Tailgate Safety Talks, they are suitable for adaptation as newsletter articles, technical briefings, flyers, tri-folds, or any way you see fit to raise safety awareness with your local agency personnel. 

Tailgate Safety Talks

Going by many different names, these are a staple of safety programs with public works agencies across the country, as well as safety-conscious contractors.  Supervisors and crew leaders can hold them as often as they find helpful.  They can be held weekly or monthly or in connection with a new activity or season.  They are intended to be short and focused so that, over time and together with existing practices and policies, they help build a culture of safety within local agencies.  The intent of this program is to provide supervisors with packages of materials, targeted towards a broad array of public works equipment and practices, that will make it easy for them to carry out these important talks. 

The idea of a tailgate safety talk is to take a discrete activity, practice, or piece of equipment and drill into it quickly in a way that is relevant to what local agencies are doing or are likely to encounter.   

How Centers Should Use Them

Volunteers throughout the NLTAPA community are beginning to populate a folder within the Basecamp Training Resources page (and you are welcome to join them).  We post them there for about three weeks to give everyone a chance to comment on them.  Then, the originator will make appropriate adjustments and they will be published on the Connecticut LTAP website. 

Where do I find the site?  [NLTAPA Tailgate Talks]

The NLTAPA Tailgate Talks Website will now have a direct link to the tailgate talks on the NLTAPA website. If you click on the Resource Tab at the top, the link will be available.

Posted by Rebecca Mayher in Workgroup Training Resources on Mon, 2019-04-29 10:56.