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If you are an LTAP or TTAP Center staff member interested in joining this work group, contact one of the following chairpersons for this workgroup.

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There are currently no upcoming meetings for this group.

Group Members

Denise Brown
North Dakota LTAP
Victoria Beale
Ohio Local Technical Assistance Program
Earl Lee
Delaware T2 Center
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Ron Eck
West Virginia Local Technical Assistance Program
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Carly Keane
Maryland Transportation Technology Transfer Center

NLTAPA shall coordinate and co-sponsor an annual summer conference for purposes of enhancing communications among Centers and stakeholders, developing Center staff competencies, and reporting on matters of interest to NLTAPA members. The annual conference shall be co-sponsored by an NLTAPA Region. The host region shall be selected by the NLTAPA Executive Committee on a rotating basis established by the Executive Committee. The NLTAPA Executive Committee shall have responsibility for ensuring that the conference program meets the needs of the national membership. Conference planning committee membership will be determined by the Executive Committee and shall include NLTAPA ex-officio members.


  August 22nd - 3:15pm EDT
The 2016 Annual LTAP/TTAP Conference - Madison, Wisconsin presentations and photos can be found at:  
March 15th - 1:42pm EDT
Registration is Open! The 2017 LTAP/TTAP National Conference will be held July 17 - 20, 2017 at Renaissance Portsmouth-Norfolk, Virginia, at the Waterfront Hotel.
October 15th - 11:55am EDT
The NLTAPA Executive Committee decided to transform the conference committee into a workgroup. This provides greater continuity and consistency across years, which is more important given the fact that this group's chair changes to the new NLTAPA president elect each year and the group is increasing its role as the annual conference organizer.

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