Training Resources Work Group Resource Syntheses

Resource syntheses are documents created with the 58 member LTAP/TTAP centers in mind!  The documents contain information on the resources available from other LTAP/TTAP on a specific topic such as pavement preservation or winter maintenance.  The intent of the document is to provide a member center a starting point when seeking materials for a specific training course to begin development of a course for their center or resources to use when enhancing an existing course.

T2 Handbook Webinar

Technology transfer is one of the three legs that make up our role with local governments and this NCHRP Report is a relevant, up to date look at the technology of technology transfer, so please consider having at least one person from your center sit in on this brief webinar to learn more about it.

Sponsored by the National LTAP Association Training Resources Work Group

Presenter: Mark M. Hood, Pennoni Associates, Inc.

Date: October 20, 2014

Time: 2:00 - 3:30 PM (ET)

2014 National LTAP/TTAP Conference

The National Local Technical Assistance Program Association (NLTAPA) holds their 33rd annual conference to share the latest knowledge, skills and materials that enhance the performance of its Centers. Highlights for this year's conference include Safety Circuit Rider Programs, Bridge Issues for Local Governments, Technical, Grant and Proposal Writing, Advisory Boards, Center Best Practices, and many more!
Region 7 and the Conference Planning Committee invites you to come learn, network and share information, we look forward to seeing you in July!


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