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TRWG has several items of interest and opportunities for participation at the conference in New Orleans:

Tuesday at 3:30 - Breakout Session - Training Tools and Tips II - Come learn about some innovattive techniques for getting your message out in a training setting. Featured speakers will be Garrett Wheat (Louisiana LTRC), Dawn Hinton (Texas LTAP) and Matheu Carter (Delaware LTAP).   

Wednesday at 3:30 - Breakout Session - Poster Session Highlights - We received 12 posters (Thanks, Mary, Megan, Regina, and David and all the poster artisans!) this year which will be on display during the conference. This lightning fast session will give the Centers a few minutes each to talk about their topics. 

Wednesday at 4:30 - Training Resources Work Group meeting - Royal Rooms downstairs (same as the breakouts)

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during breaks - JOINT TRAINING RESOURCES WG AND INNOVATION IMPLEMENTATION WG RESOURCE ROOM (first time ever!) - Interactive experience with experts from FHWA and featured Centers who will talk about all sorts of interesting topics, play videos (video games optional), and provide materials to improve your programs. 

Check out the Conference webpage for more information, and don't forget to download the Grupio app! SCS. 

Posted by Steve Strength in Workgroup Training Resources on Tue, 2018-07-17 17:38.